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earpieceFrom the last few years, iPod users have fueled the trend of earphones and today it has a huge market.
A large variety of earphones is available with different features, designs and prices. Its availability in different shapes, sounds, colors etc has only confused the consumers and thus to select the best earphones suiting your needs is not an easy task. So let’s see what you should consider when buying a pair of earphones for yourself.

1. There are many features you need to look for in them before making a final decision. Generally the features which are looked for in any earphone are Comfort, Sound, Looks, Durability and Price but their order of preference is purely an individual perception. Therefore it is advised to rank them as per your personal preference and then focus on the top three when making a purchase.

2. But you cannot overlook the earphone’s sound quality, it is equally important. These days with the advancement in miniature speakers’ technology, efforts are being made to produce the sound in such a manner that it should enhance the quality of music and music should sound better to the hearers.

This is known as sound coloration and “extended bass” is the most common type of this technique used these days. You need to look for the sound curve which is suitable for you and it is hereby advised to have balance with little bass and treble enhancement.

3. Another factor to consider is the return or exchange policy offered by the company. It is not possible that you will be able to try earphones before purchasing them. So it becomes very important to check its return policy. You should avoid those companies which charge fees for returning or exchanging them.

4. You must have heard about satisfying behavior. This behavior is a tendency in people for settling for those attributes or things which may not be optimal but still manage to meet their minimum expectation levels. If you make a haphazard decision and buy a pair of earphone, it is possible you may end up getting either satisfied and wanting to keep it or dissatisfied and wanting to return it regardless of the fact that you could have done something better.

This can be both good as well as bad depending upon your preferences, tastes and likings.
When buying, you are highly advised to keep in mind upon mentioned factors as they will help you to find the best earphones for your music gadget