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Warcraft Gaming GearWorld of Warcraft has grown from a game into a world wide brand. With that success several companies have created new products themed specifically for the world of Azeroth. This list includes everything from headsets to mouse pads and continues to grow everyday. Unfortunately a lot of players in the game are not what I would call “computer people.” Sure they play it on their PC, but they don’t get into the hardware side of things. They just pick it up to enjoy themselves and forget about it later. Some of them have never seen the Warcraft gaming accessories so I have put together a list of what is available.

WOW HeadsetAs pictured above one of the hottest items is the World of Warcraft headset which is manufactured by Creative. It definatley looks like it was forged from the anvil in Ironforge and even sports color changing lenses on each side. Those lenses can also be changed based on your faction or class.
The Warcraft headset comes in both wired and wireless varieties.
Warcraft Legendary MMO MouseNext we have the Legendary MMO Mouse specifically designed for massively multi-player games, specifically Warcraft. It is a wired mouse that obviously sports cataclysmic looks. You can customise the colors with an absurd amount of options and even change how it pulsates.
Gaming wise it has 11 programmable buttons and is designed to fit comfortably in your hand for long raiding sessions. To cap it off you also have the ability to configure your mouse buttons directly in the game. This is much better than messing with the typical driver software and then trying to configure your game to match that.
SteelSeries World of Warcraft Cataclysm MMO Gaming MouseWe have another mouse, the SteelSeries WOW Cataclysm mouse. This mouse has more of a traditional look, which in my opinion matches the headset quite well. The Cataclysm mouse offers 14 programmable buttons and 130 predefined commands to make setting it up a breeze.
WoW MousepadsWhat good is an expensive gaming mouse without a great gaming mouse pad. SteelSeries has also created a few fabulous pads that should fit the likes of any fan. All of their pads are designed to work with any mouse technology and feature a specially textured cloth surface. They currently have a Deathwing, Goblin, and Worgen mouse pads.
WOW ProductsSteelSeries World of Warcraft Legendary MMO Gaming MouseAmazon Price: $26.99
List Price: $79.99